Wednesday, February 2, 2011

birth talk in the grocery store

The wind totally ruined my mommy date. Olive and I were supposed to go on a nice walk down at the beach with a mommy friend and her son but the wind is seriously nuts. My entire house keeps shaking. I don't mind the cold but the wind is gross. So instead we went to the market to get some goodies so we can make some chili and cornbread tonight. Seems appropriate for the weather.

The lady checking me out was pregnant and we were making small talk. She asked me a few questions about being a mom and then she asked about the birth. She was shocked when I told her it was great and that I did it all natural. Ya ya it hurt yada yada but it was a great experience and I would do it the exact same again but I ALWAYS tell people how wonderful birth is. Who the hell needs another horror story. So she goes on to tell me that she is so scared of birth because of the needle. Um me too. Fuck sticking a giant needle in my spine. I mean you are already having a baby come out of your vagina I think having a needle anywhere near the body is kinda nutty. So I just smiled and told her whatever she did she would be great but to just remember that her body was meant to do this. I have no judgment against people that get epidurals for some people it works and its great. Its just not for me. I may have another baby that shit will go wrong and I will need one and I am glad it will be there for me but if I don't need it then for me its better that way. I trust my body more than drugs but it makes me sad that the part she feared was the epidural and not the birth. Like you should worry about the birth part not the unnecessary needle right? Hopefully a little bit of my positive birth story will go a long way and she will hear more of that along the way.

Olive has been napping for over an hour and I've managed to get nothing but a load of laundry done. Oh I did order some more cloth diapers I've never tried this brand but the price was right so hopefully they are good.

A few randoms......

More cute clothes from Ashley
The view from my boob. MilkMy little gorilla.

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