Friday, February 18, 2011


Last year for (pregnant) mothers day Blake got me a gift card for Anthropologie. I held back knowing my body was going to change a bit and wanted to treat myself to something nice once I was back to my normal weight. Well almost 5 months later there is nothing "normal" about my body. My belly is not flat and my hips are a little wider. I get upset sometimes cause I see some people bounce back to normal like no thing but I did not. I try to tell myself my body did what it had to do to have a pretty darn good pregnancy and easy birth. In time I will be back to normal (I hope) Anyways I've decided to use my gift card on a bathing suit. The reality is we will probably be spending a lot of the summer down at the beach or at a pool so I might as well get something I love. I used to only wear bikinis but I think I'll spare the beach goers. I'm loving this bathing suit from Anthropologie and the coverup is sorta cute too although a little like a muumuu. But $188 for a bathing suit, is that nuts?

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