Monday, February 7, 2011


*I posted this and then got an email from my mom and she said something about the Steelers in it. I said Patriots. I'm such a jock.

I'm not much for football or any sports for that matter but somehow Blake and I always end up watching the superbowl. Obviously the commercials are our favorite part. This year we made a bet. If the Packers won I would get an iphone and if the Patriots won I would get a bike. I kinda feel like it was a win win for me but Blake was the one who made up the rules. He was thinking a bike meant I would go riding with him which sounds like a ton of fun but don't tell him that so I can use it for a bet another time. So now I get an iphone. I will be sure and ask him a few times a day about it in case he forgets.

We had a pretty mellow sunday before watching the game. Went for a walk on the beach and got burgers. The weather was unreal.

Trying to get myself motivated and awake today. Olive has been waking up around 5:30 for the last few days and it hasn't been fun. The only good part is she is ready for a nap by 730 or so but when she sleeps in till 7 or 7:30 it really is such a big difference. It changes all the time so who knows what the rest of the week will bring but I hope its sleeping in!

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