Monday, February 28, 2011

fancy pants

My mom got a fancy camera for xmas so she's been shooting a ton of great photos of Olive. I really need to get photos into albums. If I was really organized I would put all my edited photos from the year into a folder and just make books on snapfish every year. Hmmm that could get expensive and time consuming but its an idea. I have shelves of photo albums starting from high school up till Blake and I got married then they just kinda stop cause we started shooting digital. Such a bummer.

Ohhh so an exterminator came today and sprayed! I've been bitching and moaning about living in a national geographic show so I finally took it by the balls and got someone out here. Seriously the spiders I find are ridiculous. I think the ants crawling all over Olives changing table put me over the edge. I'm freaked out of all the nasty chemicals so they did a non toxic spray in the house which is peppermint oil and some other oils that I forgot. Totally harmless but it smells awful in here. Blake says it smells like a dentist office. Just hope it actually works. When we lived in Brooklyn and had bedbugs (good times) we used to keep our bedposts in peppermint oil and I'd also spray it all over the entrance to our apt. I don't know if it actually worked but it made me feel better. I'm sure it was all the super toxic cancer causing spray that actually killed the bedbugs but I'm gonna hope the peppermint helps the spiders here.

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