Monday, February 21, 2011

What's in my diaper bag

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet posted a "What's in my diaper bag" and I thought it was pretty fun and its always good to get good ideas from other people. I figured I would post a photo and talk about what I carry around. Plus it needed to be cleaned out so it was a good excuse.

1. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag. Probably the fanciest thing I own in my life.
2. Wet bags. I use the big one for cloth diapers and little one for dirty clothes.
3. Hat. Handmade by a friend of my mother in law.
4. Burp Cloth made by my Grandma
5. Receiving Blanket.
6. Rattles. I like these cause I can throw them in the wash after Olive throws them on the ground which Olive does a lot these days.
7. Disposable changing pad. Ya not the most eco friendly but sometimes bathroom changing tables are gross and these help cause I'm a total freak about germs.
8. Seventh Generation Diapers. We only have a stash of cloth for half a day so we use these.
9. Anti Bacterial
10. Pacifier Wipes. Olive doesn't use a pacifier and I actually had no idea these were in here. But Danielle had a great idea to use them to wipe off toys that drop. Duh I had never thought of that.
11. Teething Keys
12. Pacifier Case. No idea why this is still in there but this bag eats things cause its so big.
13. I should have done a close up but its the code that says you are allowed to breastfeed anywhere you want. Then on the other side there is a code that work must provide a place to pump (other than a bathroom) I got it at The Pump Station and I thought it was pretty cool so I keep it in my bag.
14. Seventh Generation Wipes
15. Triple Paste and California Babies Diaper Cream.
16. Hooter Hider when there are creepy people around that just want to stare at your tits.
17. Bib. Found it in the bottom of the bag. Forgot I had it.
18. Outfit change
19. Bag to keep clothes in
20. Sierra wishes she could sit in the diaper bag

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