Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sierra and Olive

Olive thinks Sierra is the coolest toy in the world. She will now stare are her and laugh and smile. Sierra thinks Olive is scary. She especially hates it when she spits at her. Yep Olive blows raspberries at her and she hates it. Nursing Olive when Sierra is in the room is now a problem. She has no interest in my boob, all she wants to do is stare at Sierra. She will occasionally try and touch her and Sierra squirms away. She has no aggression just acts like she is gross. I'm actually finding nursing to be difficult in more of a funny way because Olive is so distracted by anything around her. If Blake comes and sits down next to me she would rather smile and coo and him. Its cute but I also want to make sure she is getting enough to eat. Might be time to sit in a dark room with no distractions.

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