Thursday, February 17, 2011

farmer thursday

The rain cleared up and it was the most beautiful cool day out today. We bundled up and headed to the famers market. I was hoping Olive would nap the whole time but it was way more exciting to look around at everything. We stocked up on all our normal goodies and then sat down for a bit to enjoy the sun. Olive got hungry so I fed her outside. It was quite nice with the wind and sun. I'm getting less shy about whipping them out in public. I know it should be totally normal and natural but in reality people freak out when they see tits out in the open. Then I decided I was hungry so I got some pulled pork sandwiches and fries from one of the food trucks. I love my thursdays. Olive and I just had a little play session on the floor which included trying to grab the dog the whole time and now she is napping. The sun made me sleepy.

Random photos from my phone.

Grabbing his rose ring. Olive is going to wonder why all dads don't have nose rings....

Poor Sierra. Olive discovered her tail last night and was just blown away by it.
The clouds were soooo pretty but kinda hard to tell.

I found Olives skinny jeans in my purse.

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