Wednesday, February 16, 2011

planning ahead

I'm taking full advantage of the rainy weather to be lazy bones jones! I managed to wash my face, brush my teeth, and change my undies but the sweatpants stayed! Olive is down for nap 3 of the day and its been hectic but I'm staying calm and just dealing with the little wakeups and short naps.

While she naps I've been searching for the perfect gift for my friends who are engaged. My friend and I are throwing them an engagement party in a few weeks so we're in major prep mode. Our theme of the party is "in bed" so I'm trying to be creative yet practical. I'm so excited about some of the goodies we are baking. I can't say too much cause I think she may read this......
Speaking of weddings two of my friends confirmed their dates for this year. Not the ones were throwing the party for, yikes. One will be September 24th in California and the other is Oct 2nd in New York. That means Olives first bday party will have to be the weekend before her actual bday. I can't believe I'm thinking of this already but I know time will just fly by and all of a sudden it will be here. I know I know I'm nuts.

The other day my friend Alison came up for a visit with her little one Nathan who is three. She is expecting another boy in a few months. Boys are so funny. He had no fear of Sierra who wanted to bite his little ankles and he was so excited that he could hear the train from my house. We hung out at the house while Olive slept and ate then wandered to the park for a little bit. We were walking back to my house just talking about how different things are. We met a little bit out of high school and after knowing each other for a few months we moved down to Carlsbad together. Our life was the beach, snowboarding and partying and a little bit of school and work in there. Life was so simple. I'm happy where I am now but we did have some good times.

They kinda look like they could be brother and sister right?

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