Friday, February 11, 2011

Neiman Marcus

Just got done putting Olive down for a nap. It took 3 tries. As soon as she touches down on her mattress she flips out and I have to start all over. Some days are super easy but today is not. Oh well. Now I'm enjoying at Root Beer and my computer.
My mom was here for a few days and just left. As usual we had a ton of fun and my house is all sparkly clean. Yesterday we wandered around fashion island on a mission to find me clothes for kickboxing My mom thought it would be fun to take Olive to Neiman Marcus. I've probably only been in that store 3 times in my life. It was fun to be fancy and Olive was stopped by everyone there cause she was looking pretty cute and of course she smiled at everyone. My mom got her a cute little outfit and book. Olive wanted to enjoy her lunch in Neiman Marcus as well. The fancy bathrooms were pretty fun. Olive took a great 2 hour nap while we got lunch and wandered around. She was such a good little shopper!

We've still been trying to figure out this whole sleep/nap thing. I feel like in the beginning she was sleeping a lot longer and I can remember for weeks she would sleep through the night. I don't know what happened and why she doesn't now but I'm just trying to go with it knowing it will change again. Tuesday we had the worst night since the day she was born (sleepwise) She was up for hours and just refused to go back to sleep. Blake and I both took turns trying to get her to sleep and finally after maybe a total of 3 hours we did. It was awful and we were both exhausted. Then she got up pretty early too but luckily my mom was here and I handed her off and went back to sleep for another hour. The next night was better but this week has been a bit hellish. She has been consistently getting up around 1 ish on and then 5ish to feed. The first wake up she really seems hungry but the second one I don't think she really is and getting her back to sleep it a nightmare. What to do what to do. I know some babies sleep through the night from day 1 and some just don't so I trust she is just doing her thing but it does get frusterating when she won't go back to sleep.
I'm so glad its friday so Blake will be around all weekend. Little does he know I have a big mission for us. The furniture in our bedroom is painted red and I'm so sick of it so I want to paint it white so I'm hoping we can do that. I also got some shelves for Olives room that I want to paint green and get up on her wall. Domestic weekend here we come!

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