Thursday, February 3, 2011

from dogs to boobs

I'm a photographer. I know shocking since most of my photos I post are crappy cell phone shots with shitty color correction. But people really pay me to shoot photos, I swear. When I was pregnant I had all these ideas of what I would shoot when Olive was born. So far I've done nothing. Its much easier to come up with a billion ideas in your head but to actually produce them is another story. I think now that Olive will look on command and sit in one place for awhile it will be easier to do something with her. I haven't quite nailed down my idea but I was playing around with composition today and also some lighting from last night (just crappy test photos) Just need to figure out how I will do what I want (hint hint husband, I need a cable release)

I've also been wanting to start a series on breastfeeding women. Along with shooting jobs I usually always have a "side project" that kinda keeps me motivated. Not that I have time but I'm hoping to start something soon. I just need to find some willing mamas which I imagine will be easy. My series always have something to do with what is going on in my life. The last one I worked on was people and their dogs. I love my pup so it was something pretty near and dear to me. It was probably my favorite series I've ever done and I met the most amazing people so I'm thinking its time to do something new.

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