Sunday, February 13, 2011


Olive is sleeping, I'm shoving massive amounts of carbs in my face, and I'm waiting for my primer to dry on my bookshelves. Ya I'm that exciting today. I forgot Blake had a bike ride planned for today so I'm all alone. Weekends are for family not for stinkin bike rides. Oh well at least its beautiful out. Today has been pretty mellow. Olive decided to wake up a 6am so I got up with her and played for about an hour and luckily she got tired and slept for over 2 hours. Blake and I were able to make breakfast and be lazy on the couch. I even got a quick nap in.

Yesterday we ran around on a mission to get me an iphone and it was a success. I love making football bets! We also got some lunch at a new (to us) Vietnamese place which was fun. Olive passed out the whole time which was nice that she got a mini nap.

Now I am literally watching paint dry so I can finish the primer before she wakes up.

I look like I have a mullet.

I made doughnuts and Blake made a juice.

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