Friday, February 18, 2011

My little foodie

I didn't plan on giving Olive solids till at least 6 months but I'm learning as a parent you can't really plan on much, you just kinda roll with things. Olive was showing us signs that she was ready for food. It started with staring at us when we ate and then making little mouth gestures and then it was her actually grabbing at what we were eating. Obviously she is in the grabbing whatever is in front of her stage but she seemed very excited about food. She is also totally sitting up now with no problems at all and according to things I've read that is another way to know they are ready. So tonight I went to the store to grab some yeast so we could make pizza dough and I wandered down the baby isle and saw the box of organic brown rice cereal. I grabbed it, put it back, did this a few times then said fuck it and put it in the cart. And while our pizza dough rose we fed Olive her first bites of solid food.

Its pretty lame but I was really sad, she seemed so grown up and it was something besides MY milk. I mean in all honesty it was mostly my milk and this little bit of rice but still it felt strange. I did taste it and it was NOT delicious. So we put her in her seat with a bib (which she tried to eat) and gave her a spoonful. She made a funny face and I'm not quite sure she swallowed it but she wanted more. I kept going and going till I felt it was probably enough for the first time. She probably would of eaten all night since she was fascinated by the spoon in her mouth. She also wanted to hold the dish and dip her hands in it. Blake made a little video which I'll post when he gets around to uploading it. Overall I think she is a fan of rice cereal. I think I will try again in a few days and see how she likes it. Dr. Sears has a good run down of questions parents might have, at least they were a lot I did. She will be 5 months in a few days so I know soon enough we will need to start introducing other solids but it really opens up this whole new world. Crazy.

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