Saturday, February 19, 2011


When I was pregnant and I imagined my life with Olive I kinda figured she would just listen to the music we played for her. During the day I always have pandora on with different stations depending on my mood. She loves when I sing to her and don't even get me started on our dances we do. I have the most terrible voice in the world but she seems to love it. When she was a newborn my mom would sing wheels on the bus to her so now anytime she melts down we just sing that and she gets totally happy. We've also found old McDonald works too and my thing is I start at the beginning of the alphabet with animals, that way it makes it interesting for me. Oh how life has changed. Anyways my point is I've come to a happy medium with the kids music. I sing her silly kids songs with a little of my music and we're both happy right?

A while back I showed her Yo Gabba Gabba videos and she loved them. I did a post awhile back on her, er my favorites. I think its a good example of momma likes/baby likes. I have a feeling when she gets a bit older she will be quite excited to know Uncle Evan works on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba. #1 uncle status for sure! Just recently I learned of a new "kids band" called Hullabaloo. Some friends of mine in San Diego had invited us down for a show but the rain was pretty nasty so we never made it but I guess there are a few shows coming up that we are going to try and see. I took a little listen and its not bad at all, its actually pretty adorable. I mean you can't go wrong with a little folk music. Sorta loving the video too.


Some of my kid music memories include Raffi. I had his album on white vinyl which makes me very happy. (I collect pink vinyl now) I know its somewhere at my parents house so I must track it down. The other two records I remember playing over and over was Mickey's Mousercise and Sesame Street, Follow that bird soundtrack. That shit was pure emo.

Baby Beluga
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I'm so curious to what Olive will like. Will it be influenced by us or something she just picks up on her own? Music is pretty important to us in this house. When I was pregnant with her we went to a good amount of shows. Some probably not the most appropriate. Converge ranks high on that list and then a ton of metal shows at shitty Brooklyn bars. Blake always jokes that he is going to hide all his vinyl and tell her we only like Phil Collins.

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