Friday, August 6, 2010

9 fingers would suck

I'm pretty sure as the days go on I become more and more clumsy. Today while chopping tomatoes I almost cut my finger of. So much blood. I feel like I can't judge anything. I've dropped more and more things in the past few weeks then in my entire life. I was telling my Grandma about my salad dressing incident and she told me that after she had my mom my Grandpa told her no more babies cause it was too expensive (apparently she broke a ton of plates and things in the kitchen too) So I don't feel totally alone but I can't even imagine what is next. I have to cut portfolio prints today with an exact-o knife and I'm tempted to wait till blake gets home to do them. Its just too scary. Besides almost cutting off my finger baby is moving in some weird ways. It just feels like a lot of pressure. She is completely on my right side and she keeps sticking some body part really close to my ribs. Its not painful as much as its really really tight. I've never felt it like this before. I'm also feeling a bit crampy, nothing crazy but almost like really mild period cramps. I think that is normal? I don't think they are Braxton Hicks but I'm not really sure how those are supposed to feel?? All these new feelings are so strange!

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