Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dresser and Laundry Check!

We finally started building the dresser. Ok when I say we I mean Blake. Sierra and I watched and I ate a caramel apple. Started the crib last night but realized a piece was drilled incorrectly so we are waiting for a new one to get sent to us. Next step is getting a mattress but I want to measure the actual space and see if the one I want fits in there. I'm worried about having any gaps since I didn't get the mattress they suggested with the crib cause it was a foam piece of crap.

Finally decided I should start washing all the clothes which was actually really fun. They are so cute and little. I was laughing at the piles on the floor. I have never in my life had an entire pink pile. Our piles are black, gray, and stripes. I've been washing everything with the 7th generation detergent and I guess its fine but I wanted a little soft so I tried the Method dryer sheets. They smell like marshmallows and kinda in a weird way. I'm wondering if there is something better that is natural?

Next step after everything is built is painting. Still trying to decide between a green or purple but wanted to see the bedding in the crib first. After that just getting bins to organize all the little things that won't fit in the dresser. She won't actually be sleeping in the crib for months but I still want to have it set up and ready. Oh and must frame all the pictures too. I have a list going of all the sizes I need but need to decide if I want white or light wood frames. Ok maybe there is a lot to do.

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