Friday, August 20, 2010

Vit K and eye drops

Are the vitamin K shot and eyes drops really necessary for newborns? I didn't know anything about them till my midwife told me about them yesterday. I guess they are state law but it sounded like there was an option? I dunno I like to do my research and at least have some sort of knowledge. The eyedrops seems kinda pointless to me cause its to prevent chlamydia and gonorrhea. Since I don't have those I don't really see the point. Unless Blake is sleeping around with a bunch of bitches but I'm gonna go with a no on this one. I understand the Vit K shot cause it can prevent bleeding in the brain but I guess its very rare. The problem I have is they say it increases the risk of leukemia. That kinda scares me. I dunno I could go back and forth over all of these things and drive myself nuts. The internet is great to research but its hard to know what to trust or believe. What to do what to do......

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  1. They are not state law, although hospitals like to tell you they are "mandatory".
    Another thing they like to give at birth is the Hep B vaccine. Which is a sexually transmitted disease. So unless you have Hep B, that would be another one I'd do research on.

    We did not do eye drops because I don't have STD's, and only one of my kids had a vit k shot (my youngest born at 35 weeks). None had the Hep B.

    You do what you feel is best, but it's good to hear you're doing research to aid in your decision.