Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 33

We have a mattress! No joke this took me like 45 min to figure out. I know I shouldn't be lifting things but I was so excited to see if it fit. When you're bored at home all day trust me this is a highlight. I also got a mattress pad to go with it mostly because I figured it would help make it even more snug and also for any messes. Getting the sheet on was a pain in the ass. I had to lift the mattress up and really pull. Maybe too many layers? I may reconsider the pad cause I can see this being a total pain. I dunno I definitely could be doing something wrong too. But the important part is there are no serious gaps so baby can get stuck and it looks damn cute. I just can't seem to figure out the whole bumper thing. I think it might need to drop the crib down a level? After dealing with the mattress I was sweating. I'm not a total lazy fat kid I cleaned the whole house and did a billion loads of laundry. Just hoping Blake will vacuum cause that hurts my back and Roomba (my robot vacuum) is being a dick and won't clean the whole house. Apparently I am not nesting yet cause housework is still BORING and I have to force myself to do it!

We had our second hypnobabies class last night. I guess all that protein talk wasn't so nuts cause we spent most of the class talking about health and basically getting enough protein. I found it fascinating since I'm already pretty obsessed with food. We get to keep charts of food and see how much protein we are getting which is good for me since I was concerned. I did it yesterday real quick and I was just under the recommended amount so at least I know I'm not depriving the little one. We'll see how today goes and where my number falls.

Just ready to head off to yoga for my last relaxing of the week. Tomorrow I have a meeting then I'm heading up to my parents. Another meeting on friday in LA, then the baby shower on saturday. SO excited for the shower to see everyone!!!

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  1. if you're worried about the bumper they have a really awesome one that goes around each individual crib bar. reducing the risk of any problems the ordinary bumper could cause..