Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yoga wednesday photos

I really need to start posting good photos considering that is what I can do. Anyways today bigger and rounder.
Before we start yoga class we all talk about new things that week in our pregnancy. So I mentioned how baby has been having crazy hiccups that last a really long time. My yoga teacher is a doula and a midwife so she is full of information and her response was that it could possibly be an intolerance to dairy. She asked if I was eating a lot of dairy (see a few posts back and you will know that's a big YES) She said it could be a problem when I'm breastfeeding and could make her colicky. Ugggg I hope that isn't the case but for now I'm not going to stop drinking my milk because it makes me sleep and I REALLY REALLY love my dairy. I'll have to watch my intake once she is born just in case.

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