Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the hunt for a pediatrician

So the mission today is to make appointment(s) to meet pediatricians. I've been putting this off for weeks now. I've done research but getting info on dr's online is very limited. All of the dr's I've been looking up are referrals from friends of friends but I've only gotten names. Some have websites if they are part of a bigger practice but some don't so how am I supposed to know?? I'm being really lazy about meeting with people, mostly because I'm tired as shit and have ZERO patience left! Like none at all. BUT I know this is important but at the same time the person I choose isn't someone I'm stuck with forever right?
I started reading The Vaccine Book by Dr.Sears which was highly recommended to me by many people. So far I am loving the book. Its not an anti vaccine book by any means, it just lays everything out there. I am absolutely going to put the critter on a alternate vaccine schedule. Even without knowing all the specific details about vaccines my common sense tells me it can't be ok to give a newborn a bunch of shots at once. Plus I think all the drug companies are scary. I honestly don't think they give a rats ass about people and health, it's all about making a buck. It's a business and I get it but I just want to be educated about it especially if the info is there for me.
I want to make sure the dr I choose will work with me and a schedule and be able to help and guide me. I know now since more and more people are doing this there are a ton of dr's out there but its just a matter of finding them. The Dr. Sears site has a resource guide for dr's all over the US that will work with you on an alternate schedule but its still a very select few in orange county. I would also love to find someone that has a knowledge of alternative medicine. Don't get my wrong I love me some drugs but I also think a lot of things are heavily treated with unnecessary antibiotics and drugs right away without exploring other options.
So I think I've narrowed it down to 2 places that I like and will start there. Anyone heard of Dr. Leila Iravani or Dr. Lin,Irvine Kids? I was also told about Coastal Kids but then I read a nasty review for them on yelp that kinda freaked me out since the women going in for a prenatal meeting specifically went in to talk about an alternate vaccine schedule and the dr she was meeting with basically called Dr. Sears a hack. I know there are other dr's in the practice but I don't have any info on them. Are they worth a visit?

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