Monday, August 16, 2010

Another great weekend

Wow what a weekend! Again I think I will be recovering for a few days. Had my second baby shower up by my parents house. It was absolutely perfect! My mom is quite the little party planner. Unfortunately I don't think I got those skills that she has. The party was at my parents neighbors house. The night started with pizzas from the wood burning over (a chef neighbor is always a good touch) and sliders. My mom wouldn't tell me anything about the party so everything was a big surprise which was really fun. We had sushi and yummy Italian food. Everything was so pretty and delicious. The best part was the dessert spread. Lots of little treats and then a HUGE ice chest of different kinds of ice cream. It was like attacking an ice cream truck, it was so fun. All the little touches, from the flowers (that were all picked from around the neighborhood) to the candles to the cute colors were just so amazing. I know how hard my mom and her friends worked to put this together and it was just perfect! We decided not to open presents at the party since there were 60 some people and it was all couples. It would have taken forever and I just wanted to be able to hang out with people and have a good time. So we opened everything yesterday. Oh my gosh, my living room is covered in stuff. I don't know if I will have the energy to put anything away today but I might pull out all the clothes and wash them. Again I can't get over how generous my friends and family are. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Blake and I are VERY lucky! Here are a few photos from the night.

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