Monday, August 9, 2010

gimme meat

All I want to do it eat! I can't quite seem to get full or if I do the feeling lasts for a few min and then I'm hungry again. Maybe I'm not getting enough protein? That is the only thing I can think of. My midwife keeps telling me to eat more protein but its tricky. I'm not a big fan of eggs. They kinda gross me out but I force myself to eat them. And its not like I buy bacon or sausage very often. I did buy some sausage the other day and ended up eating a bite and then throwing the whole package away. The little chunks of who the hell knows what in sausage really get me. So then comes lunch. I won't eat lunch meat unless its from an actual sandwich shop. Just not a fan of deli meat. Seems so packed with sodium and additives that I don't need. Plus I stopped eating chicken. I used to buy chicken breasts but I realized unless they were slathered in a sauce the chicken was just gross. The texture of chicken is just plain weird. So then comes dinner. I love meat! LOVE a good steak or pork but with Blake being a veggie its a total pain in the ass to cook two meals. I can barely cook one. So we end up with some tofu product which is totally fine but I don't know if its quite satisfying my protein intake. Or maybe the baby just has a serious appetite.

Today was a super sleepy day for me. I ended up napping for a few hours which felt great. I think I had too much sun yesterday and it really drained me. I woke up really sleepy and couldn't quite get going. I was supposed to have a meeting but luckily it got moved till later in the week. Can't imagine trying to get all dressed up and talking about photography today. Yesterday we spent the entire day at the beach. I shot some photos of Blake surfing which was really fun then I actually went swimming. The waves were really small but I'm sure people thought I was nuts frolicking down to the water in a bikini. I was embarrassed cause I feel like a whale but fuck em, it felt really good to float. The water was freezing so I hope baby didn't mind. Then Blake tried to dig a whole for me in the sand but I wasn't so into that. Happy to have a tan for the first time in years.

Another random is the baby has been getting a serious case of the hiccups. I've felt them in the past but they are usually really mild and last a few seconds. The other night at 4am she had them for at least 15 min. I was freaking out thinking something was wrong with her but I guess its totally normal and she is just practicing breathing?? Then that day she got them 2 more times and they really lasted a while. Pretty fun stuff.

Still haven't done much to the babies room although the furniture is built. Threw all the bedding in the crib the air out and now its just sitting there. Just kinda deciding what to do next.......

me being massive

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