Friday, August 20, 2010

stupid blood sugar

Some days I forget I'm pregnant and just want to go go go. The last two days I've been feeling really funny. At about 11:30am I get this sudden rush of a hot flash then feel cool. Then I start to shake and feel like I'm going to pass out. I've never actually passed out in my life but I imagine that is the feeling. Its almost like I drank a shit ton of coffee on an empty stomach. Yesterday it freaked me out and I immediately turned the a/c on in my house thinking I was just hot. When it didn't go away I realized ok maybe I was hungry so I ate a huge bowl of cottage cheese and strawberries and pb filled pretzels. After about 20 min I was feeling back to normal but it really scared me. I can usually tell when I'm getting hungry but nothing like this has ever come on this fast. I already got checked for diabetes and I was fine. Maybe the baby just needs more food? I'm not quite sure but tomorrow I'm going to make sure and eat again after breakfast even if I'm not feeling hungry. I try my best to eat little small meals here and there but some days that just doesn't happen. Today the same thing happened and its been hours now and I still feel weird. Although I should sit down and relax I decided to make pasta salad and a cake for a dinner party we are going to tonight. Maybe not the best idea. When my cake is done its nap time for a few hours. I guess baby wants more food and for me to nap more often. Booooooo

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