Thursday, August 19, 2010

braxton is kinda mean

Just waiting to go to my midwife appt in a few min. Having a very anxious day for some reason. I got hired for a shoot next week and I think I'm a bit nervous about it (not the actual shooting but actually having the energy) I couldn't say no, the money was really good so I'm gonna have to suck it up but I think its just getting my nerves going cause I have to plan a lot of it. Normally I love the stress of planning a shoot, its fun cause its different and exciting every time but while all these other hormones and emotions are flowing its making me nervous. Oh well I'll get through it and paying a few bills will be worth it!
So the other day I think I felt my first Braxton Hicks pressure wave (I am not supposed to use the word contraction) Doesn't pressure wave sound better anyways? It was pretty mild and short but definitely a strange feeling. I was sorta excited only because it will give me some practice to use my hypnobabies and try and figure out how to control them. Obviously I know they are nothing like the real deal but it gives me a little understanding. I noticed 2 more this morning and it was more of a shooting sensation. One was pretty intense where I had to stop for second from what I was doing. I imagine they will get more frequent as the time goes on. I'm trying to just take every pressure, pain, and movement as as experience and one step closer to meeting this little critter.
Also here are a few more photos from the shower...

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