Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have a theory!! I think a glass of milk at night makes me sleep?? I'm going to test this out to make sure but I'm pretty sure the nights I have milk I have a better sleep. This makes me happy because I love milk. Yesterday I made the mistake of buying Horizons brand. Don't do it! It has a nasty taste. I usually buy a particular organic kinda but I noticed Horizon was 10 cents cheaper so I figured why not. Gross. I mean it will do when washed down with a chocolate cupcake but its not the best. Yes I can tell the difference between brands. I know its weird. If only it could be delivered to my door in glass jars......

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  1. my mother swears by warmed milk! if she's having trouble falling asleep, she'll warm a glass' worth of it on the stove.