Tuesday, August 17, 2010

34 weeks really? are you sure?

Just got my week 34 pregnancy email as I was sitting here, officially freaking out and feeling overwhelmed. I am not ready at all. I feel like most people are totally ready at this point but I am not. The room is not even close to ready, well the furniture is built but she isn't sleeping in the crib for a few months so it's just going to sit pretty for awhile. I have no means of organizing all the little things in the room (note to self order bins today) and nothing is in frames. I know its dumb little things but I won't have to the time to do it after she is born and I don't want to wait till I am further along. I already get out of breath walking to the kitchen.
We were so fortunate to get most of our stuff from showers but there are still a few things that are a necessity......

Co-Sleeper sheets
Changing Pad
Changing Pad sheets
Baby Bjorn
Blake's diaper bag
nasal aspirator

Luckily we have some gift cards which will be a HUGE help but I think this weekend we are due for a Babies R' US run. I've only dragged Blake there once but I think this weekend will be lucky trip number 2 for him! That and building a stroller and bouncing things!

Random cute photos of sierra sniffing and sitting on babies stuff.

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