Tuesday, December 7, 2010

11 weeks

Well almost. Yesterday we were playing on the floor and she really started hitting and grabbing things. She has been grabbing over the last few weeks but it wasn't intentional at all but now it seems a little more thought out. She has a little elephant that hangs over her play mat and she kept grabbing the rings on it and pulling on it. She did it a few times. Then I would set up her mirror and she would knock it over every time I set it up. Its crazy to see her change on a daily basis. She keeps trying to roll over when she is on her back but she doesn't quite get how to move her arm to get that momentum. She can easily go from her belly to back but has been for weeks. She smiles on demand now and is ready to let out a laugh any day now. She giggles and makes these girly squeaks but I don't know if I would consider it a full on laugh. She loves when I stick out my tongue and will always smile at that and can now copy me with my tongue. She loves all the funny noises that I make with my mouth and silly faces. She loves bath time, I think that is her favorite place. She is starting to become more interested in books, mostly at the really colorful pages. She won't really sit on my lap and let me read to her but if she is laying down on the ground I can show her books and she loves it.

We just started showing her Yo Gabba Gabba clips on you tube. She loves it. Yesterday we probably sat for about half an hour watching little videos, mostly the music ones and her favorite was Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World. She already loves the silly rocker boys. She actually let out a scream for Taking Back Sunday. That one is actually my favorite cause it has a bunch of cute animals. I don't think she is quite ready to watch the show but the little one minute segments are great for now. The best part about the show is it entertains me too. I'm hoping to get some of the cartoons that I grew up with on dvd for her. The crap out there today is really bad. I don't plan on planting her in front of the tv but I do think a little bit of cartoons are great for her.

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