Friday, December 31, 2010

new years resolutions fuck ya

I've never made new years resolutions cause I know I never follow through but what the hell, maybe this year will be different.

-Get rid of the pudgy gross on my body. I'm not being unrealistic here but I WILL workout. I have plans to call the kickboxing place near my house and join.

-Be more phone friendly. I hate the phone but I love my friends and I know I need to call and return calls more often and not rely on text messages and facebook.

-Stop being so damn emo and make some friends in OC. I know a few people but I haven't made an effort to hang out and I hate that.

-Make a garden. I started growing some veggies and herbs when I was pregnant and some are doing well but I need to gut a few areas in the yard and really show it some love. I would love to have things in my garden to feed Olive when she is ready.

-Spend more time with Blake. We obviously see eachother everyday but its passing Olive back and forth while trying to make dinner and get her ready for bed. When she is finally in bed we are both exhausted and we usually want to sit on the computer and catch up. I would like to have one night a week that we do something alone even if its just sitting playing cards at home when Olive is in bed. But I would LOVE a date night once in awhile too. I think we need it.

-Do something with breastfeeding. I know that doesn't make sense but I have become so passionate about the boob and I want to help other people with it. I'm no expert but I would like to learn more so that I can help people. I feel it has been such an important part of my experience as a mother. It didn't happen naturally for me and I suffered through so much shit but at the end of the day the bond that I have with Olive was worth every second of it. Not quite sure where I can take it but just putting it out there.

-Cloth diapers. I feel so guilty about the waste and I keep talking about going forward with it. I only committed to 2 diapers and I need to just go balls out and invest in a full set. No more wasting.

-Start a new photo series. I try to always have a series going as it keeps me motivated but since being a mom has been top priority I haven't really had the time but I need to since I think its pretty important to my sanity.

-Learn to use my sewing machine. The thing blows my mind when I look at it but i'd love to start making Olive little simple things here and there.

We'll see how the year goes......

Extreme stroller pushing in the snow.


  1. Love, love your your blog...just wanted to give my two cents re cloth diapers. I live up here in No. Cal and ya know we all know water is precious and we see that from our wonderful bill that comes. Heads up I was floored....floored I tell you with how much my bill went up for the month that I cloth diapered. It went up $67.00. Due to the amt of water that I used in my HE 3 year old front loader, it put me in the next tier of costs and I am feeling the pain. So much pain that I have stopped and use sposies. I feel bad to fill up landfills but I don't have to do laundry and the poopy diaper liners aren't clogging our toilets. Just FYI from a fellow Cali girl. Good luck with your decission.

  2. Heya! I've been keeping up with your blog too cause I love that you tell it like it is.

    I'm gonna put this out there just to put it out there. I recently asked my own mom about how it was raising two kids in fmr. Czechoslovakia on cloth diapers and what her system was. This was also in a time and place where there were no landlines yet in this new part of town, and utilities were expensive. It may sound archaic compared to raising kids in the US but it gave me a different perspective to what may seem as "the norm".

    She stayed at home with my brother and I, she'd wake at 7, feed us, then let us play while she got on diaper duty . I guess she'd first get rid of any solids in the diapers via trash (not toilet!), then toss the sheets (diapers) into the washing machine. The next step was to boil (and in essence sanitize) the diapers in a giant pot in the kitchen with a little detergent, which would then get them nice and white. She'd then line-dry them. And she'd do this every day apparently.

    It's nice that as a US consumer you have the *option* of picking your battles. When mom was raising us, there were no options or alternatives under a socialist government and so everyone had to figure it out and deal with it. She was also very eager to get us potty trained ;)

    Pavla (friend of Blake's)