Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bluebird Day

It was a beautiful sunny day, probably amazing on the mountain but I was still feeling sick so my mom treated me to a massage. Seriously best massage I've ever had, maybe because I actually needed one. She seriously put my body back together again, I will be sore tomorrow for sure. I feel like a new person and I think my sick is gone.

Blake and I left Olive with my family and went to happy hour. I attempted to drink a beer and was just too tired. I used to be quite the little drinker so its funny to not be able to even finish one beer. We did get to eat some great food and was nice to escape for a little.

I can't believe its new years eve tomorrow. I wonder if I will stay awake till 12. That seems so late these days.

Just a few photos that Blake took.

My parents have a HUGE tub so we took a family bath. Ya we're strange.....

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