Friday, December 3, 2010

pumping in a park

I survived my first shoot back and pumping on the go! It was pretty hectic trying to get my photo stuff together and then all my pump stuff. I was worried I was going to forget something but I managed. I cannot imagine having to go to work everyday while breastfeeding. More than ever it makes me realize that I just won't do anything full time, even if that means starving cause its just not worth it to leave her. Once in awhile for jobs is great but everyday, not a chance. I was sad leaving her for that long. I think I'm finally starting to appreciate that bond we have while breastfeeding. At the same time it was nice to be in the car for a few hours alone. I caught up on some phone calls and got to listen to some pods casts that I've neglected. It was also nice to be on a shoot and be a photographer again. Although funny enough the person I shot had a year and half year old so we did talk baby alot but at the same time it was fun to talk fashion and about other random girl crap to keep the shoot interesting.

I ended up pumping in the back of my car in a park overlooking san diego, it was actually quite pretty. I was on my way to the shoot with an hour to spare so I figured I would find a parking lot or something somewhere but I saw a sign for a park and decided to check it out. There were only a few cars in the parking lot so I don't think anyone caught me. It was easier than I thought and its good to know that I can do that anywhere. The next mission is a wedding we have this weekend without Olive. Another try at pumping on the go.....

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