Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've never been so tired, I hope I'm not getting sick or anything cause I can't seem to beat this tired at all. Olive and I had a pretty mellow day. We stayed in our pjs all day which was wonderful. She took a few little naps and then one hour long in her crib. Last night she took a mini nap in there for the first time so we figured we should start trying to get her used to it. I don't have any set date to get her in there but when the time comes I don't want it to be a shock. I tried 3 times to put her down (without a swaddle) and she screamed so I got out the swaddle and tried that and success! She just loves to sleep all bundled I guess. She was out for a whole hour which is a really long nap for her. I think now that she is more active and spends most of the day rolling around she gets tired. I put her in the bjorn and vacuumed the house. That was the first time I actually used Bjorn. I'm just not a fan. I think its too big for me or something. I played around with some different holds with moby and now that she can keep her head up I can put her in some fun ways which might be really helpful when trying to get things done.

While she was napping I attempted to make cinnamon rolls (that I was going to freeze and bake on xmas eve) but the dough didn't rise. Awesome. So I will attempt tomorrow. I don't think my water was warm enough for the yeast. Amateur move.
For dinner I made potato soup and popovers. The soup was kinda a bust but I would try it again with bacon and maybe some mushrooms. The popovers were yummy and super easy. Last year I ate at BLT with my family (where they have these popovers) and I couldn't stop thinking about them. Mine were tasty but nothing like the real deal. Then I made some smores brownies for Blake to take to work tomorrow since its his birthday. And I wonder why I'm tired.......

Tomorrow I will brave South Coast Plaza. One of my nursing bras broke and they are going to replace is for free since I've only had it for a few months but that involves going to the store in the mall. Yikes. I hope its not too bad. I guess it will be good to get out since we were lazy asses today.

Olive being the cutest thing in the world

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