Monday, December 13, 2010


Finally sitting down on the computer. Olive is sleeping and we just watched Dexter. It was a long long day. Some days go by super quick but today just dragged on. I think Olive is going through another growth spurt as she was super needy. She didn't want me to put her down for a second. I'm all about holding her all day but a girls gotta pee! I can usually tell cause she will want to eat every hour and a half or so and then she is super content after eating and we play and talk and do what we do but then all of a sudden she will just flip and be pissed off at the world. Hopefully it won't last too long cause I prefer the sweet mellow little girl. I wanted to run some errands today but I didn't think her mood was good for that so we just went to the market and she passed out in moby which was great. I tried to get some stuff done around the house but I didn't do much more than pull a few weeds which was not that easy with her in the moby. Her head kept flying around cause she was sleeping. I tried using the bjorn but I couldn't get it quite comfortable on her so she got pissed off. I think I need to get another carrying system. I do love my moby now but I need something I can bend over with a little better. Probably time to get the ergo but I need to try and find it used or something cause they are really pricey suckers.

Tonight Blake and I talked at our doulas hypnobabies class. It was quite an honor to be asked to share our story with the class. I let Blake do most of the talking since I tend to have a really hard time getting my point across (as you can see by my blog posts that are all over the place) Hoping it will put a positive birth story in the back of their minds and they will all have amazing experiences.

This lovely photo below is what happens when you forget about two breastshields and a pacifier boiling. Glad our smoke alarm work. I'm mostly pissed about my pot cause it was really really expensive. I don't have many expensive things but my kitchen stuff is an exception. There was no way to pry the melted plastic off. Errrr

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