Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

One more day and I'll be 31. That just sounds old. Its funny when you get old how birthdays are just kinda whatever. I remember when I was little and for about a month before my bday I would literally be counting down the days and I would wake up each morning so excited that it was getting closer. Oh and the day of don't even get me started, it was the best. On the morning of my birthday it was always exciting cause my mom had this tradition of making the kitchen table super cute with decorations and there were always lots of fun gifts to open. But the best part were the yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. As a kid getting to have a cupcake with breakfast is pretty exciting. I just always remember that feeling of walking downstairs and knowing the table would be ready for me. I will definitely continue that tradition with Olive. Another tradition we had was Captain Zoom
It was a silly song that was personalized with your name. As a kids that was just super cool. The original captain zooms were floppy 7 inch records and then I think we moved on to tapes from there. My mom already gave me one for Olive and I'm sure she will love it.

So, what exciting plans do I have on my birthday? My first job since I had Olive! Yep I have a shoot. Happy Birthday to me! Its funny I don't actually mind too much as I'll be home in plenty of time for a nice dinner! I'll be heading down to San Diego to shoot some fashion designers for a San Diego magazine. Should be fun but I am a little nervous, hope I'm not rusty. I've been a photographer for 5 plus years and no matter what I always get nervous the day of the shoot. Maybe not nervous but anxious. At the same time its pretty much the coolest job. I love going to a place I've never been before and meeting strangers and having to make a good photo in a short amount of time. The fun kind of problem solving I guess. This time I haven't really had the chance to get nervous as I'm more concerned with pumping and being away from Olive for a few hours. I know she is in good hands with my mom, that's not the problem. San Diego is a good 2 hours and I imagine the shoot will be about 2 hours too, then I have the drive home. I know I can pump anywhere but it still makes me a little uncomfortable since I'll most likely be pumping in the car around the corner from the location. Hoping it won't be a pain in the ass.

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