Friday, December 10, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Today we bought our first round of cloth diapers. I am going to test them out to see if we are ready for them full time. We went to this amazing new store in OC called Granola Babies. We tried a bunch of brands on Olive and the Grovia seemed to fit her the best so we'll see. I love the look and feel of bumgenuis but the fit wasn't right for her.
I spent a really long time there and even fed her there. I'm still really shy feeding her in public but I know I need to get over that. Its more that I'm afraid I will offend someone but its really dumb I know. There was another mom breastfeeding in there so I thought I would go for it. Baby steps I know. It was fun to chat with some other moms and get some encouragement. The store is just amazing and they offer some great classes too. I will definitely be going back even if its just to make a little visit.

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  1. I love reading your blog because our babies are close in age (my babe was born 9/29). We have been CD since she reached 10lbs (about a month or so ago). I bought a few different types - Flips, AIO Bum Genius, pocket Bum Genius, Grovia, and a free Rumparooz. I bought a small variety because as the kiddos grow (I felt this with my first kid) what worked in the beginning may not work later. I know I haven't been doing it long but, so far so good. I really like the Grovia because they are sooooo resistant that I don't have to change her ever during the night. Of course she is out of them first thing in the morning but, with disposables I HAD to change her or else she would leak. I am sold on CD and I hope they work for you as they have for me.