Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Olive the shopper

Olive and I had a pretty good day. We had a lot of play time. She will spend a good amount of time on her play mat now hitting her toys and doing tummy time. Her new thing is tugging at her shirt and lifting it up over her face. Its super cute. Occasionally she will try and eat her shirt but mostly she just likes to play with it. She is so full of smiles its unreal. Even when she is nursing I will make a funny face at her and she will pull off and give me a smile. Best thing ever! She is still trying to laugh and its getting closer. She has definitely found her voice and can make a whole bunch of silly noises. She is becoming more and more interested in Sierra and will track her. She smiled at her tonight when I was burping her. Sierra keeps her distance but I'm just waiting for Olive to grab her.

We ran out to South Coast Plaza to grab a few things. We only went to the fun part of the mall where the Crate and Barrel and Sur La Table are. Olive was very patient with me as I looked at everything I will have in my dream kitchen one day. She was totally wide eyed and awake for a long time in the moby while I walked around and shopped. Then she finally passed out and I was able to wander around a bit more. It was pretty relaxing. I'm so happy she wasn't a grumpy gus today and was back to her happy self.

Here are a few videos of Olive and Gavin and also of Olive playing with her shirt. Ignore my annoying valley girl voice.

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