Sunday, December 19, 2010


My eyes feel like they are going to explode I'm so tired. The next baby I have will be in summer. Having a newborn (can I still call her a newborn) during the holidays is exhausting. Shopping, parties, cold weather, and everyone is sick. I don't even know what I've done the last few days but I feel so done. I would like to sleep in tomorrow and then get a two hour massage but I will settle for Olive being in a good mood.

She was a champ yesterday while we went xmas shopping at Fashion Island aka shopping for skinny fat jeans for me and a cash cab board game. I'm obsessed with that show and my goal living in NY was to be on that show but it never happened so I'll settle for the board game. Still not done with xmas shopping but not sure what to do, I guess I have a few more days. It was actually really fun shopping in the rain, it kept the stores pretty empty. Blake spotted Nicole Ritche and Joel Madden in the pet store when we were in there. I walked right past them, I'm always so oblivious. We came home and had matzo ball soup and watched a ton of episodes of friday night lights. Lazy us!

Today was the Sinclair Family Hanukkah party which we have every year. This year was extra special because there were three new babies there. It's always super fun to see everyone and eat yummy food. We play a few games, one being the white elephant gift exchange thing and I totally scored this year with a Pendelton scarf. I actually have a matching Pendelton blanket that my grandma gave me so I'm super excited. Cutest babies ever!

Tonight it took almost 2 hours to put Olive down. She screamed and broke out of the swaddle a few times. Then we tried her without a swaddle and she hated that too. We even tried the pacifier but nothing was working. Finally Blake got her calm and to sleep in her swaddle so hopefully she won't wake for a few hours. She is usually pretty easy to get down so it was annoying. She did take a few naps today so maybe she just wasn't tired, I dunno. Just as soon as I think she is sticking to something she switches and it throws everything off so I'm just going with the flow. She got up twice last night which is not like her but I guess I just have to go with it cause I've been lucky to get so much sleep with her so I can't really complain.

Blake and I watched an unhealthy amount of 16 and pregnant tonight. I'm so obsessed with that show and I just can't get over it. I get so worked up watching it. Most of them bitch about being poor and not having any money but most of them are giving their kids formula which has to be super expensive. These kids are 16 with perky young bodies, I bet they have a flow of milk like no other. The first season there was one girl that started off breastfeeding but they showed her a few weeks later with formula. The season we were watching tonight showed a few of the girls starting off breastfeeding but when they show the babies weeks later its all formula too. I just wonder if they have any guidance in breastfeeding or if someone tells them how important it is. Its one thing when it doesn't work out and you aren't able to breastfeed but I just wonder if they are trying or even know or care. I shouldn't care its not even my business but I feel so sad for the babies and maybe if the moms had more info about breastfeeding they would do it? I think about this show a lot, maybe too much. I actually know a girl in NY who is a producer on 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom and I've thought of sending her an email to ask more details on what this girls know or don't know before they actually have the babies. Ok I'm obsessing about this but it just seems important and I feel like I want to do something.

Ok I'm going to bed before my head explodes from being tired and obsessing over 16 and pregnant.

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