Wednesday, December 22, 2010

teeth suck

I've come to the conclusion that Olive is teething. Ya at almost 3 months. I've read a bazillion articles and it says it generally happens around 6 months but can happen at 3 months. I noticed her drooling a lot the last few and this week she can't keep her hands out of her mouth. If I hold her on my shoulder she tries to eat it. I also noticed she will clamp down and pinch my boob with her mouth too which sucks. I may be nuts but these seem like teething signs to me. Today has been hellish, like I want to rip my hair out and scream and cry. Ok so I did the crying part a ton today but it did not help. Such a nightmare when there is nothing you can do. I tried a washcloth and her little giraffe teething toy but she is still too young to know what to do with those things so she just screams. Ug hope tomorrow will be better.So I decided it would try to get out of the house to pick up my bra. Well we made it to the parking lot and almost to the entrance until the storm of the century decided to kick our ass. It was seriously sunny when I got out of the car so I put her in the stroller and we started walking. No joke like 2 seconds later it started pouring harder than I've ever seen it in my life. I had a little umbrella and covered the stroller with that and of course it was flipping around like crazy so I immediatly turned around back towards the car. Olive managed to stay dry but I was soaked. Not like a tiny bit of rain but like I just got out of the shower. She was crying hysterical and I was just kinda laughing. I mean honestly at that point it was the only thing I could do. The whole way home she screamed her brains out till we got home and she got boob. It was awful. Luckily Blake got home early and helped out but of course she was in a much better mood. I swear he probably thinks that I make this shit up but really it was one of the worst days. I want my stupid bra too!!!! We went out to dinner with the fam to celebrate Blakes birthday. It was nice to get out and see everyone and especially have a much needed beer. Olive was ok till the end when she got pissy but not too bad at all.

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