Monday, December 20, 2010

hello rain

We are having quite the winter storm here and I'm actually loving it. Everyone always bitches about the rain in California. It rains about a week out of the year and seriously we need it. Whatever I love it. Ya I guess if I was driving to work far away I would be pissed but lets be honest here, next week it will be 72 and sunny again. Olive and I managed to get out of our pjs and get to the market this morning where I swear everyone in Sprouts was mutant. It was sorta like walking in the twilight zone. It was the strangest mix of people and I was totally weirded out by everyone. Some old lady who was like 90 told me that Olive looked like she was in photos of "that photographer that puts babies in fruit." Ya Anne Geddes which is by far the creepiest photographer ever. The little old lady was cute and I'm sure she meant it as a complement cause Olive was all snuggled up in her moby with a purple hat on. I was in the cooking mood so I stocked up so I can make some serious comfort food this week.
Tonight I made vegan mac and cheese which I've been craving for awhile now. I recently found this recipe and its my new favorite. I've been eating small amounts of dairy cause I think it bothers Olive so this is perfect and it seriously feeds us for a week. (I add breadcrumbs to make it even better) I also made a kale salad as well and I find that doesn't bother her. I've slowly started to add tomatoes, onions, and brussel sprouts back into my diet and so far so good. In the beginning I tried brussel sprouts and she was not a happy girl. Some people say it doesn't make a difference at all but I think every baby is different. Today for lunch I had a ton of soy beans and white rice and after her feeding she was vomiting. It wasn't just normal spit up, it was projectile and a lot. I wasn't too worried cause she didn't seem pissed off or in pain but I think maybe the soy beans didn't agree with her which is strange cause I've had them before but who knows. She is fine now but sometimes you just never know what is going to piss off those little insides. Tomorrow I will attempt some potato soup and popovers. I seriously love comfort food so much!

Olive had a really good day (besides the puke fest) and was rolling all over the floor. She gets really frustrated when she can't quite make it over but when she finally does she gets so happy. She is definitly making little giggles and I want to say she let out a few real laughs but its still so hard to tell cause she makes so many cute noises but I'm thinking it was the real deal. She is just full of smiles all day. It still melts me. She even took a few naps today and didn't fight them as much as she usually does. They are pretty short and only last about 30 min but at least she is taking them. Speaking of naps I need bed like bad. I can't get over this sleepy feeling.

Olive looking all cute in her hat my friend Chris made for her.

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