Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shots suck

Just got back from the dr and poor Olive had to get more shots. Since we're spacing all the shots out we have to go a bit more often but I think its better this way for her. Not so much for our bank account but what can you do. She got one on each leg and it was a full on scream session but I immediately picked her up in her wrapped blanket and stuck her on my boob and it was like nothing happened. She was tear free within seconds and happily eating. I love that I can just sit in my dr's off and nurse her. It just feels so comfortable. I never feel like I'm being rushed out. In fact when I first got there and Olive was a little fussy she told me to feed her a little while we talked. It makes the experience so much calmer for me and happy momma means happy baby! She weighed in at 12.9 so she is a big baby! Since she is still spitting up for a least an hour after her feedings she suggested cutting her feeding to 10-15 min. I have a feeling she may be overeating. Just like her mom! I tend to always feed on one boob then switch to the other even if she seems content and I think I just need to stop her if she seems full. I think for awhile I was scared she would starve or was not getting enough but I now feel confident that I can read the hunger signs pretty clearly but before it was all just cries and it was hard to tell the difference. Also at the rate she is gaining weight I know she is fine. I still say breastfeeding is the hardest thing about having a baby. I know some people just get it right away and have no problems but its definitely been a challenge for me even though she is a great eater. I really wish there was more prep in that area before birth. I have a few pregnant friends and that was my advice to them was to get a lactation consultant right away so that you start off on the right foot. I get breastfeeding is natural but its also really tricky.

She is still passed out in her carseat and I'm not about to wake her. Time to see if I can make some lunch before she wakes up.

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