Thursday, December 16, 2010

naps, cloth diapers, and a whole lot of babble

Olive is finally napping in moby. She has been fighting sleep all week. Yesterday she got one tiny nap in while I did some shopping which was about 20 min. Today I managed to get her to sleep for about 30 min while I wrapped some xmas presents but she fought it for awhile and I let her whine a little and then she passed out. I won't let her cry (ya say what you will about that but I'm not doing it) but if she is making whimpers and fake sounds she can have at it. I now know the difference between the two. I just think when they cry at this age then something is clearly wrong like if full on tears are pouring from her face she isn't bored.

I'm finally trying her Grovia cloth diapers so we'll see how they work out. I only have two liners so they won't last too long but I just want to see how I like them before I invest in them cause they are quite pricey. They do look very cute on her! I can't decide if I want to use the inserts or the all in ones?
Trying to get into the holiday spirit this year but it just doesn't feel like xmas yet. Although this cold weather is helping a lot. I'm excited for the rain for the next few days. I'm hoping to have some time to make some treats. Nothing makes me more excited for the holidays than carbs. Hopefully Olive will get back into her naps so I can bake while she sleeps. I think I'm almost done with my xmas shopping, would like a few more small things but I have a few more days right? Blake and I aren't doing gifts this year which I like. We talked about getting a Wii but we'll see. We just bought for family this year which I enjoy doing. I didn't buy for any friends which I feel crappy about but its not a good time with me not working to be spending like crazy.

Yep we walk around the house like this all the time. Sometimes its the only way I can get stuff done cause moby=nap!

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