Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Round 2

Christmas Day was spent at my parents house. Another wonderful day and of course Olive was spoiled!

Also Grandma turned 90.

Bagels and Lox
Grandma made Olive a scarf.
Uncle Jared playing with Olive's toys.
So many presents.Jordan and Lacey practicing with Olive (half way there)

Olive had her first injury. I was holding her and my cousin Lacey gave me a goodbye hug and Sierra jumped up to protect Olive. She didn't mean to but she scratched Olive's face and head. She screamed and cried and it broke my heart. It was the first time I really felt that out of control mom feeling like I just wanted to do anything to make her feel better. It was awful. Luckily my mom was there and cleaned it up while I nursed her (which immediately stopped her crying) or I seriously would of just started crying too. I want to keep her in a bubble cause that was the worst feeling. Of course she is totally fine and the scratches on her face were gone by morning and all that remained was a little tiny cut in the back of her head but still it sucked.
Birthday Cake with Grandma.Play time with Uncle Jared and Grandpa.

Stella was exhausted from all the excitement.

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